Food Babe’s Bullshit Habits

Class 1 Carcinogen? Ain't no thang...

I’m friends with the #shillarmy members on a group called Banned By Food Babe. I was on the site for a month or so before launching Science Babe over on facebook. Occasionally, this will come as no surprise to my audience, they repost things from the erstwhile Ms. Vani Hari. This week, one of my favorite #sciencebabeshills posted a document called “Food Babe Habits,” a PDF directly from the Food Babe’s site. The document isn’t something that her followers have to pay for, it’s a document that has been circulating for a while now and she freely gives out these bullshit health tips for an allegedly healthier life.

What happened after my friend posted the PDF? The Food Babe, or one of her minions assistants, reported the document to the facebook henchmen for copyright violation to be pulled down. If it is re-posted? BBFB may be shut down.

That was when I remembered I have my own website and Vani Hari is invited to, using the internet vernacular, ‘come at me, bro.’

All the italic blockquotes are from a document to which FoodBabe owns the copyright. I would never originate such ramblings, they’re all yours, Vani! Who knows why you would want to follow them though, as you are about to see, I will be using science to rip them to shreds, because it appears all the Food Babe is capable of is having nice hair and piecing together sentences that seem grammatically correct.

“# 1) – Drink Warm Lemon Water and Cayenne Pepper – Maintaining this habit first thing every morning on an empty stomach provides a super stimulant to the liver, your main detoxing organ in the body. Your liver will release uric acid and create bile to safely eliminate environmental and lifestyle toxins that would otherwise be trapped in your digestive system longer. Remember keeping your liver and digestive system clean and in optimal condition will help your body prevent diseases like cancer in the future. Combining cayenne with lemon increases the detoxing effect and raises the temperature of your body increasing your metabolism. Drinking this combination will cleanse your body every single day safely and naturally. I plan to do it for the rest of my life. Join me and watch your vitality increase! (Recipe = juice of half a lemon + sprinkle of cayenne + 12 ounces warm water)” Its been known that some people use chemicals to detox their liver, I once read one of the nanoemulsified cats claw reviews for immune support, it seems to be getting great results.

Well that was some delightful bullshit.

First, your liver does not need ‘waking up.’ Your liver is humming along, doing its job, pumping out necessary enzymes whether or not you eat lemon and cayenne pepper every day.

Also, reasons why you shouldn’t take advice from self-styled internet doctors: This Livestrong article.

“Cayenne pepper increases the time blood needs to clot, and when taken with anticoagulant medicines like warfarin, the effect of the medicine may be intensified, says This increases the risk of uncontrolled bleeding, which can present as symptoms such as bloody urine or stool, spitting up blood, unusual bruising and continued bleeding from minor cuts.”

Eep. Maybe stick to real doctors, not self-styled internet “investigators” with pretty hair.

Cayenne pepper, according to some studies, may help slow the rate of liver fibrosis in rats, but there are no studies showing that it will stop fibrosis in humans or “cleanse” the liver in healthy people. Why? Because the liver doesn’t need cleansing. It does that on its own as long as you don’t absolutely drench it in alcohol. How do I know that you cleanse your body daily? The toilet paper industry is a thing.

The main things you have to protect your liver from? Genetic diseases, vaccine preventable and/or STDs (hepatitis, which literally means inflammation of the liver), and alcohol. Speaking of which:

Class 1 Carcinogen? Ain't no thang...

Attacks Starbucks based on misinformation and misunderstanding about group 2b carcinogens but drinks group 1 carcinogen. She sciences hard.

Next from Vani…

“#2) – Eliminate Refined Sugar From Your Diet – Asking you to eliminate every type of “sugar” from your diet is just crazy – any person trying to do this will fail in the long run. The key here is to still include sugar in your diet but in forms that your body can easily assimilate and sources that also provide nutrients, minerals and vitamins your body will use. Avoiding refined sugars made from cane, beet and corn but still enjoying naturally occurring sugar in moderation is one of the keys to ultimate balance in life. The problem with eating refined sugar from cane, corn or beets vs. other sources of sugar, is that refined sugar is acid forming in the body because it has been chemically stripped of its minerals. The natural minerals in whole foods are important for our body’s ability to process nutrients in food and to ultimately keep our bodies alkaline. Remember – a body in an alkaline state is primed to avoid disease and a myriad of other aliments. Food Babe approved sugar sources include these organic items: fruit, coconut palm sugar, raw honey, maple syrup, date sugar, and dried fruit.”

Well that’s cute. She seems to be confused as to how calories work, but then a lot confuses her. She was also “puzzled” as to why Angelina Jolie would want her breasts removed after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene, but then I’ve figured out that Food Babe doesn’t science well.

It’s a good thing she has pretty hair.

Look, Vani, sugar is sugar. It’s entertaining that you think because it hasn’t come out of a processing plant that your ass, pancreas, and jeans will react differently to it. Chemistry, thermodynamics, and biology don’t bend to your will just because Suja Juice costs $6.99 per bottle and gives you a cut every time somebody buys some of their overpriced sugar water from your website. I’m not saying to gorge yourself on sugar (I’ve lost 90lbs and kept it off for several years), but eat a fucking cupcake once in a while. The sugar in it is as “toxic” for you as dried fruit, i.e. not toxic at all. Don’t believe me? Try spotting the difference between the sugar molecules in this picture. I’ll be over here humming the Jeopardy theme song.

#3) – Fast Every Single Day – Fast for at least 12 hours from the time you eat your last meal until the time you “break” the “fast” with breakfast. Adopting this habit can be so rewarding, restorative to your health, and put you on the path to ultimate youth and beauty! It takes at least 8 hours for your body to completely digest its meals from the day. If you add in another 4 hours to that time without introducing more food to digest, the body actually goes into detoxification mode and has more time to remove dead and dying cells from the body. During this “idle” time, the body also stimulates the development and regeneration of new cells. Aging occurs when more cells die than are being produced. Allowing your body sufficient time every single day to digest, eliminate dying cells and develop new cells is a habit that will get you closer to drinking straight out of the fountain of youth!

Repeat after me:

Detox is not a thing. Detox is not a thing. Detox is not a thing.

What if you’re hungry? What if you’re an endurance athlete and you just goddamn need calories? What if you’re on medications that need to be taken with food? Your lifestyle does not fit for all people and they should be taking advice from a doctor, not you.

Promoting fasting is promoting orthorexic behavior, which could lead to more serious eating disorders. This is such a dangerous pattern of behavior. All this just because you’re obsessed with your size four jeans? How dare you, Vani.

“4) – Drink a Green Drink Every Single Day – It can be as small as a wheatgrass shot or as big as a 32 ounce green smoothie. Consuming green drinks is the best way to get greens in your diet, provide your body a rich source of chlorophyll on a daily basis, and ultimately is one of the key actions you can take to keep your body in an alkaline state to avoid disease. Having access to both green juicing and green smoothies is important in one’s quest for wellness and vitality. I drink both types of green drinks for different reasons. I drink juice to deliver as many nutrients to my body as possible at once and I drink green smoothies for the beneficial fiber. As long as you chew your green drinks your body will be able to digest and receive the benefits. Don’t just slam down a smoothie or juice – you need that chewing action for digestive enzymes to do their magic.” Check out to learn about digestive enzyme supplements.

What is it about the magical color green with these people?

Look, there is nothing wrong with drinking a green juice. I juice sometimes myself because I like getting some spinach in with my homemade apple juice. Chlorophyll is not a supplement that is indicated for use in every day life nor is it a vitamin that the body regularly needs, although it can be given via IV for acute pancreatitis.

However, your body has a tightly controlled pH. Trying to go ‘alkaline’ just isn’t a thing. According to webmd (and every other website on the internet that’s even slightly responsible and reputable), “blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45.” Your stomach pH is not alkaline, and stays at a much lower pH of around 3.5 to help it break down food via acid hydrolysis. Urine pH changes depending on what you’ve consumed. Your body pH is extremely tightly controlled, and if it changes? It means you are very, very sick. The alkaline thing? It’s complete bullshit, and the onus is on them to prove it right, not for me to prove it wrong.

“#5) – Change Your Grocery Store – If I could give one piece of health advice to everyone I love I’d ask them to shop in a place where they can get the best quality groceries and produce available. Changing my grocery store has been fundamental in changing my health for the better. Typical large wholesale stores and conventional supermarkets are stocked with so many bad chemicals and ingredients it can make your head spin. The top BIG FOOD companies have created so many foods that are full of anything but whole ingredients – It’s cheaper for them to make these chemically made up fake foods than to use real, whole and nutritious ingredients. Alternative health stores have been around forever, but in the recent past they have become more mainstream allowing someone to make an easy transition to healthier, organic, whole, packaged and convenience foods. I understand that some big name conventional grocery stores are making an effort to include more organic produce and organic convenience foods – but, they still carry all the chemical laden foods too. It makes shopping there 10 times harder because unless you know the brand and trust it – it means reading lots of labels and deciphering chemical names of ingredients.”


Well that was easy.

As far as those evil chemicals and big companies… Whole Foods brought in $12.9 billion last year. Monsanto brought in $14.9 billion last year. Don’t tell me that one of these companies is the big bad guy when one of them caters to people who can afford to spend $4 on a bottle of water and the other is building the technology that feeds starving people.

Lastly, if you are still afraid of chemicals and still don’t believe me that organic foods use pesticides, ask yourself this; how do organic crops stop bugs and weeds from growing? Think about that for a little while next time you let Vani Hari scare you into buying $6.99 organic gluten free bullshit water.

#6) – Stop Drinking With Your Meals – Digestion is super important for health, staying slim, and mental wellbeing. Without proper digestion many discomforts can be born into the body – indigestion, heart burn, irritability, bloating, lethargy, headaches, insatiable cravings, inability to determine true hunger, and depression. Now imagine that you are doing something every single day that unknowingly is causing one or more of these symptoms! Wouldn’t you want to know what that was? Have you thought about what you drink and how much you drink with your meals? Drinking liquids during your meal dilutes your naturally occurring digestive enzymes and stomach acids which makes it harder to breakdown food. Stomach acids are dissipated with the act of consumings liquids with solids because water is excreted faster than solids. If you are chewing adequately (creating saliva), you should be able to eat comfortably without supplementary liquids. Allow your saliva to naturally help you swallow your food. When you are eating, you want all your energy directed at breaking down food so your body can easily assimilate the nutrients and eliminate waste. When you have bad digestion – you could actually gain weight in the long run, because toxins can be built up in your digestive organs which can inhibit the bodies ability to breakdown fat, cause insatiable cravings and mess with your body’s ability to determine if you are full or not.

Luckily, I already thoroughly ripped that apart here. It was my first blog entry. Aah, memories! My advice as a runner? Drink whenever the hell you’re thirsty.

Sometimes people think I’m anti-health from going after Food Babe. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I’ve lost 90lbs and kept it off for several years. I also know that I have no certifications as a dietician and I’m not the appropriate person to give medical or nutrition advice… so, crazy concept on the internet, I don’t. I don;’t try to lecture you about what happens every time you eat lectin foods, or the health benefits of juicing versus smoothies, I refer you to pages who give you the type of advice that I follow.

If you’re going to take anything away from perusing Vani Hari’s habits, let it be your wallet and your mind before her unscientifically grounded advice leaves both empty. She’s a pretty and skinny girl on the internet, and these alone are no reasons to go to her for health and fitness advice. Pages like Disrupt Your Diet, Go Kaleo, and James Fell Body for Wife are my go-to pages for this. All are run by attractive people who offer sane and medically grounded diet and exercise advice- see, you can be cute and science hard, brah.

Eat the food, see your doctor for medical advice, and skip the pseudoscience from Food Babe.

And Vani, if you want me to take this down? Good luck with that.

-Science Babe

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  1. Food Babe just skips all the education and SCIENTIFIC research necessary for giving VALID nutritional and health giving advice. It’ so much easier and cheaper that way. Just bullshit your way through it and delete any questions, criticisms and you have the full Food Babe business model. Unethical, immoral, dangerous and fraudulent, but she makes a lot of money with minimal education.

  2. Great points, kudos! I’ve been trying to bring up the Orthorexia aspect more when engaging in discussions about her or the subject in general…and seems to catch ears more than offering evidence as many folks I know fall into appeal to authority/natural fallacies. But the thought they may be developing an eating disorder stops them in their tracks. Some came off the fence after more research, thankfully. I love all you do with debunking, and would love to see more awareness on this disorder if you can put it out there. Maybe, just maybe it’ll offer a fresh perspective, and everyone I know knows someone who has eating issues at some point, so perhaps folks will be able to relate.

    My favorite thing to say is getting health advice from her is like getting surgery from a mechanic, haha. Also, I saw she loves to travel, maybe you can educate her on cosmic radiation (here’s link in case you think I’m a nut, haha, nope, just a cosmo-nut with a penchant for geomagnetic activity and the sun, hehe: I mean, I hate being mean, but at the least maybe she’ss stop traveling to spread the word. Or damn, start spreading this word, gah. Then again, we could do with less carbon fuels from recreational travel, haha.

    Keep up the great work, cheers!


  3. The lemon juice/cayenne pepper drink has been around for awhile. It was recently a celebrity dieting craze a couple years ago. Basically just a new form of starvation diet. Not healthy at all!!

  4. I don’t thing there are many ‘scientific’ points in this scree. If you know any diabetics, I ask you to ask them what sugars their doctors recommend – refined sugars are ALWAYS off of the list. Sugars in fruits and vegetables are accompanied by fiber so the assimilate much slower than refined sugars. That is a biological fact based on science.

    Two studies address the lemon/liver thing (I am not considering cayanne):

    As published by Dutch researchers in a 2002 edition of the European Journal of Nutrition, lemon peels and the waste stream of the lemon peels are effective in lowering blood and liver cholesterol levels. Although performed on animal subjects, these results insinuate that lemon peel consumption could be beneficial to those with fatty liver disease.
    As published by Indian researchers in a 2005 edition of BMC Pharmacology, hesperidin (a citrus bioflavonoid found in lemons) demonstrates the ability to protect the liver from damage. After administration of CCl4 (a well known liver toxin), the authors concluded that hesperidin demonstrates a protective effect on the liver.

    I agree wit the drinking with meal point – water with meals actually aids digestion, but soda, milk, juice and other high sugar drinks does inhibit digestion.

    Green tea is actually prescribed in the treatment of some cancers because of it’s cancer fighting properties – I encourage a quick search of the mayo clinic, lukemia, green tea and you will see some impressive returns. I think that is reasonable advice.

    You can pick any logical string of words in the following excerpt to read about a promising study on daily fasting summarized in science daily (note the word science):

    Extended daily fasting overrides harmful effects of a high-fat diet: Study may offer drug-free intervention to prevent obesity and diabetes
    May 17, 2012
    Salk Institute for Biological Studies
    It turns out that when we eat may be as important as what we eat. Scientists have found that regular eating times and extending the daily fasting period may override the adverse health effects of a high-fat diet and prevent obesity, diabetes and liver disease in mice.

    I don’t have a problem with you and I don’t particularly like the ‘food babe’ I am not defending her as I just learned of her a few weeks ago. I am reacting to the misinformation that a group that I belong to on fb are spreading based on your claim of science when no science is actually presented. Personally, I don’t care if you like or dislike the ‘food babe’ but presenting opinion as science is just as bad as what she is accused of doing.

    • With diabetes.
      With fatty liver disease.
      If eating a high fat diet.

      She’s presenting these as normal health habits for people with zero health problems. Without the context, all of these are meaningless. And trying to say that this was presented without any science was a nice try. Click on a link or two and try again.

    • I just got back from a 6 hour seminar for newly diagnosed Diabetics. Refined sugars are not “off the list.” Diabetic diets are about having a balanced diet through spreading out your carbohydrate intake (including refined, unrefined, or woo sugar) over your day to prevent huge spikes (this includes fruit and starches too). Absolutist avoidance was the ancient, unsuccessful way.

    • “don’t thing there are many ‘scientific’ points in this scree. If you know any diabetics, I ask you to ask them what sugars their doctors recommend – refined sugars are ALWAYS off of the list. Sugars in fruits and vegetables are accompanied by fiber so the assimilate much slower than refined sugars. That is a biological fact based on science.”
      Bollocks. fiber is not digested, sugar is digested very fast. one doesn’t interfere with the other, and I dare you to show your “biological fact”.

      “Two studies address the lemon/liver thing (I am not considering cayanne)”
      references please. PMID numbers would do.

      “I agree wit the drinking with meal point – water with meals actually aids digestion, but soda, milk, juice and other high sugar drinks does inhibit digestion.”
      bollocks again. Soda makes you feel bloated, milk and juice have their own content of fat/fiber/sugar that will add up onto your stomachs load. there is little difference between steak and milk in the stomach, once they are liquefied.

      “Green tea is actually prescribed in the treatment of some cancers because of it’s cancer fighting properties – I encourage a quick search of the mayo clinic, lukemia, green tea and you will see some impressive returns. I think that is reasonable advice.”
      Again, unsupported claim. here is latest meta analysis:
      zero correlation.

      “Extended daily fasting overrides harmful effects of a high-fat diet: Study may offer drug-free intervention to prevent obesity and diabetes”
      Bollocks 3:
      I would suggest you to actually READ the paper instead of an a short version in a popular science journal. the authors themselves don’t claim that.
      if you would have read, you would have seen that the ad-lib mice MOVE LESS. got it? it’s the ol’ calories in, calories out. if you spend more time searching for food (Which the fasting mice did), you spend more calories and retain less fat.
      here is the paper:

      “I don’t have a problem with you and I don’t particularly like the ‘food babe’ I am not defending her as I just learned of her a few weeks ago. I am reacting to the misinformation that a group that I belong to on fb are spreading based on your claim of science when no science is actually presented. Personally, I don’t care if you like or dislike the ‘food babe’ but presenting opinion as science is just as bad as what she is accused of doing.”
      I find it hilarious that you “react to misinformation” when almost everything you stated here is either unsubstantiated, plain wrong or misinterpreted.
      have a nice day.

  5. As a woo-free nurse midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner, I have to fight this crap every day in my practice. The juicing, the GMO fre, the organic, the fad diets are endless. Fucking garcinia cambogia. I actually had a mom tell me the other day that her daughter’s period was worse when they traveled because “they were cheating on their strict organic GMO free diet”. I greenbelt explained it was more likely the stress of travel on her hypothalamic-pituitary axis than the bullshit GMOs. Vain Hair is a menace to society, giving medical advice and making bank on the perouts she *cough* recommends. Keep at it, Science Babe, I will continue to recommend your blog and FB page…, I will be thrilled when Vain Hair falls from her elitist high horse

  6. Brilliant website and article, I’m hoping to one day join the lofty ranks of the ‘Banned by Foodbabe’ group.

    After point 2 you mention that ‘sugar is just sugar’ and one is not more toxic than the other etc, but in the case of fructose vs glucose that might not be entirely accurate – according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers(real ones..not foodbabes..)did a test on 2 groups of people – one group drinking fructose sweetened drinks and the other glucose, other aspects of diet and exercise controlled and equal – afterwards, both groups had put on similar amounts of weight, however the high fructose group had accumulated nearly twice as much visceral fat.

    That’s only one study (that I know of) but interesting results nonetheless.

    • Doesn’t take much to join the BBFB ranks. Just pop by her facebook page and question her. About anything. Her advice, her credentials, her sponsors – anything.

  7. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with many people. I can usually rationalize their behaviour and find a way to feel sorry for them. Ha! But Food Babe and other pseudo-slingers who have huge followings – I have a problem with this. Food Babe. Jenny McCarthy. Joseph Mercola. Healthy Home Economist. They all make me sick.

  8. I think Vani should write for the Onion. It’s perfect material. But people know it’s a joke, right? It is a joke, right? Sorry, first timer. If she’s not writing sarcastically, dear God we’re doomed.

  9. Well that’s just mean calling her on all her bullshit!! (Hairflick) She’s like, pretty and is really concerned about people! (Hand on Hip) You know, she’s going to get really upset and ban you from your blog~~you wait!!!*

    *I know I could have thrown a few more “likes’ in there, but I just couldn’t. You’re awesome.

  10. I am in love with you. You are so much better at ripping Food Boob apart than I am. I don’t have the patience – I get started on one of her memes, and within minutes I am banging my head on the keyboard.

  11. I am not a fan of the Food Babe, but your response to the fasting bit is opinion and conjecture, and for someone who calls herself the Science Babe you did not provide any science backing up your claims that fasting is unhealthy behavior. I’ll preface by saying it’s been a couple years since I read all the available material on fasting so some of my details may be a little off or not exactly right, but the general concepts are sound.

    Her use of the word “detox” is fallacious, but she likely was referring to how fasting promotes autophagy and gives your body a chance to stop digesting and start clearing out the protein fragments and other junk that have started to build up in your system which it cannot do as well/as efficiently when you are constantly eating and digesting food.

    The positive effects of fasting have been well documented, and to suggest that fasting daily for 12 hours as she suggests (stop eating at 8pm, start again at 8am for example, which is not crazy or unreasonable at all) or even 16 hours will lead to orthorexia or anorexia is irresponsible. Your response shows a clear lack of understanding – she did not say to fast all day every day, just to increase the amount of time during the day which you aren’t eating. This doesn’t inherently mean you will eat less, just that you will eat in a compressed window. That endurance athlete? Whether they get calories in 20 meals of 10 calories spread throughout the day or 2 meals of 1000 calories in a compressed feeding window or something in between (2000kcal a day is probably under his requirements, but it’s just an example) MAKES NO DIFFERENCE in terms of caloric needs – still getting the calories needed.

    Perhaps this was intentional, or perhaps you haven’t read much material on fasting. I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the research about fasting before condemning something you clearly don’t understand. I would suggest reading Eat Stop Eat to get a better understanding of the scientific evidence and research behind the benefits of regular fasting.

    • Who constantly eats? The mice in the study were food-restricted for 24-48 hours. That doesn’t provide any evidence to support the assertion that choosing not to eat for 12 hours overnight is going to “detoxify” your body.

      I looked up a couple of articles because I was curious. It does appear that there are quite a few articles that provide evidence that fasting is associated with positive health outcomes (mostly in mouse models; a few in humans). However, these studies almost universally had their models fast for at lest 24 hours, and several of them went to 48. It’s not clear that an additional 4 hours (12 instead of 8) will significantly change outcomes.

  12. “Remember – a body in an alkaline state is primed to avoid disease and a myriad of other aliments. ”

    Try telling that to your vagina.

  13. So I follow 100 Days of Real Food, a family/healthy food blog, and a long time ago, the author of 100 Days teamed up with Food Babe in protest of Kraft’s use of artificial food dyes in mac & cheese (especially given the fact that Kraft already MAKES a food-dye-free version for the Euro market). I started following Food Babe at that point and then…quickly…I realized she was/is full of shit. Long story short, once I read the BS on not drinking water with your meal (lol what?! this is not a science), I stopped following her.

  14. 1) Monsanto is a corporation that uses taxpayer dollars to fund their research, bullies and sues farmers and also produces poisons. I think it is telling that they have spent tons of money in the USA with various states trying to label their foods with scare tactics and lies while in Europe they have to label their food under European law. Putting out “One is a corporation that tries to feed the hungry with technology” is corporate woo at it’s blindest. Using your logic, Whole Foods has expanded job and food opportunities for people of color in their neighborhoods.
    2) You don’t present why having a green drink is a bad idea for people in good health. That’s opinion and ranting woo, not a counterpoint to show why that is not good advice.
    3) Refined sugar with the mitigating effects of fiber is simply not good for you, and there are myriad of studies showing this. Again, you do not show a counterpoint.

    This reads as petty and is badly oriented. If you wish to counter woo, construct the argument and use solid research to counter it. ( this is a good site: If you wish to be petty and angry because you thrown out of group, change the name of your website.

  15. With the presence of two types of livestock farming viz.

    According to USDA publications, the Organic Foods Production Act of
    1990 provided only for the ‘USDA National Organic Program (NOP) to set national
    standards for the production, handling, and processing of
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    achieve quite much.

    • I’m an engineer and one of the first things I learned from thermodynamics is that it would take more cold water than your stomach can hold to burn enough Calories (food calories are measured in kilo-calories) to change your metabolism. I wish I still had a copy of the proof, I’m too lazy to work it out now.

  16. I only got as far as the first one, and maybe this has already been noted, but drinking WARM water will not increase your metabolism. Theoretically drinking COLD water might necessitate your body to burn more calories to compensate. So maybe the opposite of what she said.

  17. As to point 1, raising the temperature of your body does NOT increase your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism might increase your body temperature. And, theoretically, drinking COLD beverages might increase your metabolism as the body burns more calories to generate the heat needed to equilibrate. So maybe the opposite of what FB said.

  18. It’s pretty simple, shouldn’t health advice for the general western population be: eat mostly healthy food, don’t over eat and exercise often..

  19. Actually, she isn’t bullshit, she says a lot of the same things my chinese medicine dr. says…My ex had a life threatening illness and was able to cure himself with herbal medicine…call bullshit all you want though

    • Actually, she is almost entirely BS. She is completely ignorant of: a) Chemistry, b) Biology… actually I’m just going to stop there. The list goes on forever, but includes everything required to give informed, useful, non-harmful advice on health and nutrition.

      The whole “acid bad”, “alkaline good” thing is a big giveaway, it’s utter nonsense, just people using words they don’t understand. Anyone who touts that BS is either credulous and incurious, or has absolutely no integrity and is willing to jump on any health/food bandwagon to sell their wares.

    • Um, ok, so you just discredited Fraud Broad even more, because, well, Chinese medicine is absolute, 100%, Grade A bullshit as well. Please, please, please stop wasting your money there and see a real doctor if you’re having issues. The best you’re getting there is a placebo. Have a little read:

  20. she’s gonna save science, inadvertently.

    without her bullshit no one’s gonna bother about truth.

    y’all just gotta let her do her stuff, wait for someone to die because of it.

    why fight reputation with logic? just let it run outta steam.

  21. Great post, although you would enhance your credibility by using “its” instead of “it’s” when you want the possessive. (“It’s” = “it is,” “its” = “belonging to it.”)

    That’s a minor grammatical irritant that should not detract from your message. I can only hope that it penetrates some of those thick skulls out there.

    • I don’t know if it detracts from my credibility as a scientist, but I’ll poke through the article for corrections. Thanks!

      I wrote this while I was home sick from work with a terrible head cold. This is me on NyQuil.

  22. I just want to mention I am just newbie to blogs and honestly liked you’re blog. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your website . You actually have exceptional well written articles. Bless you for sharing your blog site.

  23. Vani Hari is a shill. She’ll push on her Facebook page anything a sponsor pays her to push. She and her handlers can’t seem to grasp what “conflict of interest” means; it’s in their economic best interest not to. So therefore she pushes things such as a particular brand of stevia, and doesn’t want to her about any downsides.

    They hypocrisy reeks. She’s not just an ignoramus — she is corrupt.

  24. You people seem pretty mean to me. Whether someone is right or wrong, doesn’t give you the green light to be so disrespectful. We’re all different and have different opinions — if you disagree with Food Babe, don’t read her. Kinda like politics — keep it to yourself. Because adding negativity to the world and blog-o-sphere doesn’t add, it just takes. The BBFB people sound like mob mentality to me. I don’t read either of your blogs, and don’t know how I found myself here, but I’m going now, and won’t be back. There’s enough negativity in the world without attacking each other.
    Peace to you all & Bye-bye

    • It’s mean to point out when someone’s giving out scientifically inaccurate information?

      There’s a blogger called Modern Alternative Mama who is telling people not to give their newborns vitamin K shots because she’s against modern medicine. Vitamin K prevents bleeding disorders. People took her advice and four newborns nearly bled to death.

      Do you think I’m picking on Kate Tietje, the woman behind the blog, or trying to protect people from letting their infants bleed to death?

      Vani Hari is not as dangerous as Kate Tietje, but make no mistake, what she sells is just as inaccurate and if people don’t know better they can get hurt. Everything I wrote in this article is factual. Everything is backed up by research and peer review. I am trying to advocate for consumers with science. Vani is a snake oil sales woman who is out for money and everything she peddles can easily be disproven. I’m using what I know as a scientist to help people. It’s alarming that you see consumer advocacy as being ‘mean.’

  25. My first experience with the food babe was her bizarre rant about brewing ingredients. She had no idea what she was talking about and used no facts other than stating that GMO corn is sometimes used.
    On the other hand saying all sugar is the same is not correct either. Even variants of glucose or fructose do not react the same in our bodies and are not processed the same. Glucose, fructose and galactose are all metabolized by our bodies but others like lactose, maltose or sucrose need alternate processing before they are usable. The fructose in an apple is in fact the same as fructose from high fructose corn syrup. The volume of sugar in an apple is substantially less than that of a glass of soda or even apple juice, so it is healthier.

    • My point was more about the caloric content than the metabolism, but thank you for your point. She has “food babe approved sugar” that generally comes from a company that’s sponsoring her and is all organic which is way bullshit. I know fructose, lactose, maltose are processed slightly differently (I taught college biochem), but to a point I also try to keep these articles concise.

  26. There is a group for people banned by food babe … she once told me I was out of line for ‘publicly calling out her integrity’. But it was on someone else’s blog. So I’m not really banned yet…. can I still join??

  27. Vani Hari is a moron plain and simple. I’m also inclined to believe she’s a dishonest moron because of how notorious she is for deleting posts that have even the tiniest bit of critique against her. She faults airlines for not using pure oxygen in their planes, and believes that saying ‘Hitler’ at water will somehow make it freeze into an entirely different crystal structure. After hearing about those things, I don’t understand why anyone trusts her ‘facts’ about anything else nor do I understand why anyone follows her. The amount of people she counts in her army is frankly depressing and illustrative of how far the U.S. has fallen in terms of its education for its citizens.

  28. You know, I used to follow her blog and really drink it all up! But the more I read, the more uncomfortable I became with her suggestions, without really knowing why. For some time, I would get her updates in my email and feel really guilty about my dislike for her tone (But she’s so healthy! She seems to know what she’s talking about and uses big words! Does this mean I’m doomed to be lazy and unhealthy forever?!) But I stopped my subscription because her tone realllly rubbed me the wrong way.

    Thanks for helping me put a finger on it.

  29. A lot of you people (yes I wrote you people) seem awfully angry.. sheesh… stumbled upon this hateful website by mistake, I sure hope you get paid to spew hatred as opposed to your own brand of health and wellness. It would be really sad if you are this fucked up person in real life. Sidebar.. food babe is a lot hotter than you, you’re a classic ugly bitch being mad at the pretty girl. Seek happiness.

    • Oh look, fanmail!

      You think Vani Hari’s teaching anything that promotes wellness? That’s so cute!

      And I’ve never called her ugly. In fact, I’ve never been mean to her. I ban people from my website who call her a bitch. I’ve just said that her ideas are wrong.

      I think if you’re anonymously calling people a bitch on the internet, you’re probably the one with anger issues.

  30. Old post, but I’m new here, so I’m perusing around and stopping at points where I feel comfortable.

    A chronic dieter here, most likely every crash diet known to man, and the bottom line is lifestyle change. With that off my shoulders, I would like to talk about those “naural folk” who swear by this, that and the other thing, shrinks and whatever comes to mind.

    In discussion with a few friends who do counseling with women with eating disorders, I had mentioned that I believe about 70% of most women have some sort of “issues with food/or eating disorder” … They assured me that the percentage is much higher, probably since we are constantly bombarded with dieting “experts” and “tips” from people who most likely are suffering with “issues with food” themselves.

    I work in a store, and can tell you when someone is starting a diet (and that they’re going to fail)..what kind of diet .. the “mavens” (as one Psychologist pegged her) whothe newly skinny types are, who have all the answers, and on and on. Blah blah blah…

    It took me a very long time to realize that most of these “experts” are only “expert” *blank stare* and are often people with eating disorders themselves.. So I stopped taking their advice.

    When I found out about “orthrexia” it rang a bell for many of those in my acquaintance who eat purely “purging” food.. Who WOULDN’T lose weight?

    So I no longer take advice from people unless they are accredited in one thing or another. We have a nutritionist at work who helps those of us who seek her help.

    Can’t wait to find that article I was reading earlier about “oils to immunize from ebola” .. I have a cute little story about that..

  31. Renal dietitian here. I have a masters degree in nutrition from an accredited university. I deal with sick people everyday., I work in a dialysis clinic. My job essentially is to help patients control the electrolytes and minerals in their body from reaching critical high or low levels, through education, encouragement(counseling) and/or recommending (through the nephrologist) new medications to help keep those levels in check. Food is In no way benign to these people. A personal sized watermelon consumed in a hot afternoon could kill these people, same with a giant bowl of mashed potatoes. I’m serious.
    That being said I am so relieved I work in the field I do. To have to deal with pseudoscience and The Food Babe misinformation on a daily basis would make my head spin.
    For not having a degree in nutrition you did a good job of shooting down the Food Babe’s lame advice. This industry needs someone with your writing skills, colorful, to the point and honest without gimmicks. To reach the wide eyed populace with an RD after her name.
    Trouble is most view a dietitian as someone who wags their finger at what they can’t eat instead of what they can. As a dietitian I eat, meat, bread, cheese, sweets, alcohol … In conjunction with fruits and vegetables…etc “as part of. ‘Healthy diet'” WHICH DOES NOT MEAN THE SAME FOR EVERYONE
    The widely known healthy diet’ (limit meat, large amount of fruits and vegetables and lots of water) would make a patient on dialysis very sick, if not kill them through potassium reaching levels that cause heart failure to fluid overload. Everybody is different, even healthy people and NO diet is a one size fits all.

    The only advice I would give for those wishing to lose weight or get fit (for those without any illness that discourages the following or for those with their MD’s OK) is this “EAT LESS (but not less than 500-750 of your needs based on your weight age and activity level-there are plenty of calculators online). And choose mostly (I said mostly so if you have to have those Oreos, have the serving on the package and savor them).foods that your great great great grandmother would recognize as food. Move more (at least 45 minutes of activity-start slow like walking and build up to more intense to where you cannot hold a conversation easily-also a heart rate monitor would be beneficial to keep your heart rate in check so you do not overtax yourself- exercise at least 5-6 days but stay safe). Plus resistance training, again start slow,. (muscle is more metabolically active than fat) and lastly, experiment what is right for you, if you feel better without bread, great. If you have to have bread to feel like yourself that is fine too. I am right now trying to take my own advice on that. I am considered an ‘expert’ but am in no way perfect.

  32. “Don’t tell me that one of these companies is the big bad guy when one of them caters to people who can afford to spend $4 on a bottle of water and the other is building the technology that feeds starving people.”

    Economics being what they are, many countries that are ‘food poor’ would be fed off of what they grow if it wasn’t shipped off as an export to boost their GDP. Monsanto’s patenting seed technology (read attempt to control food supply) is not necessary to feed the world and I shouldn’t be surprised that you fall for their marketing ploys. I’m not going to spend more time than I am already to cite references as this is as bad a blog as food babe’s and not worth more of my time.

    Folks, she’s right in pointing out the fallacies of the ‘food babe’ but she mixes in a lot of pure opinion that isn’t fact based as well. Both ‘babes’ just back up their biased narratives. I completely agree that Whole Foods is mostly pretentious bs and targets the gentrified, well-heeled demographic, but don’t at all agree that Monsanto is first and foremost about feeding starving people. Anyone who believes that line is at the very least naive.

    Back when they created Round Up ready canola strains, it was a transparent business move of double-dipping profits on the front and back end. They genetically engineered plants to kill their own seeds. While the technology was not initially perfect, its intent could only have been to prevent farmers from saving seed from their harvest and force them to return to the commercial seed market (which Monsanto had monopolized over the years) every year…not to ‘feed starving people.’ So we’ll not only monopolize the seed suppliers market, and sell you seeds designed to not be regrown, but we’ll make them resistant to our roundup, so you can buy our Roundup herbicides as well to indiscriminately spray your fields with. Yep, it’s all because they have altruistic motives. Did you read their annual report and actually buy their pledge bs, along with the farmer holding an ear of corn out for the children who look upon the great corn o’ plenty? While Whole Foods may be a phony, overpriced load of crap, it does not necessarily follow that Monsanto must be trying to feed the world and their goals are benevolent. They’re a large corporation, and like all large corporations, they are beholden to their shareholders, first and foremost. Supporting all things that have been developed through science is as idiotic as being completely anti-science, or using ‘pseudoscience’ to support one’s agenda.

    “Lastly, if you are still afraid of chemicals and still don’t believe me that organic foods use pesticides, ask yourself this; how do organic crops stop bugs and weeds from growing?”

    I agree that certified organic is no guarantee as to the organic nature of a farm as years ago I attempted to go through the process to certify my farm, only to find that they never intended to take soil samples, etc. But claiming that food crops cannot be grown without use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers is obviously not based on experience, but on years of ‘scientific’ assumptions and brainwashing, convincing you to think that you know more than you actually do. I doubt that you have but a rudimentary understanding of soil science.

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