The first rule of Science Babe Club…

There are a small handful of things that differentiate me from my contemporaries in the blogosphere on facebook. Pages like Chow Babe and Food Hunk and the like are all wonderful and have similar aims, to debunk pseudoscience and take occasional swipes at the Food Babe. Of the three of us, I’m the only scientist, I don’t work as satire, and I tend to swear occasionally.

Okay, you can’t fucking stop me from swearing with goddamned duct tape and a ballgag. And if I occasionally talk out my ass, a butt plug for good measure. I’ll still find a way to swear.

But we all have one thing in common.


Shit like this makes the admins of all the pages see red.

I posted this after someone referred to her not being that hot and probably smelling like curry. I’m sure they intended it as a throw away remark. Please keep in mind that not only does it not help our argument, it weakens it.

There are only three rules on my site. The first rule? Don’t be a dick. Even if you disagree with someone, don’t be a dick. This way, way violates that. Even if I intend on ripping everything about her broken ideology to shreds, Vani as a human being is off limits.

Cool? Cool. Back to what the internet is for- websites like cartoonpornoxxx, bullshit busting, funny pictures of cats.


-Science Babe

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  1. You are at least knowledgeable. I don’t care what any of you look like, whether I like what you have to say or not. I agree that dickishness isn’t necessary to get a point across, but what about Chow Babe? She just comes across as a bitchy sorority girl with a chip on her shoulder. I followed her for a while, but it was just too irritating to continue.

    • I don’t agree with her at all. But she’s a human being with parents, a husband, probably a conscience, maybe even cries when she sees some of the shit that gets written about her personally.

      Maybe the reason she hasn’t come after me to take down the stuff I write about her science is because I tell people not to attack her personally.

    • I wouldn’t call or hot or dumb. She’s subjectively attractive by some people’s standards, which is fine. And as for “dumb,” she is unfortunately quite capable of speaking. As far as being stupid… she isn’t stupid either. She’s just very caught up in her own paranoid obsession with food and health, and is scientifically ignorant. A lot of people are like that. The only reason she makes me want to speak out is that she’s suckering lots of other people who don’t know better.

  2. You know, it’s funny. I recently explained Wheaton’s Law (Don’t be a dick) to my grandmother this way:

    “I think at the time, he was talking about those times when you have the upper hand over somebody else and you might be tempted to totally be a jerk about it, but you should resist that temptation and be a good sport.”

    And let’s face it. When was a time when folks like us didn’t have the upper hand?

  3. Has anyone actually READ her book? Hype aside…everyone has jumped her for the book/website – but has anyone actually read the book? Just curious…

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