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It’s that time of year, #sciencebabeshills. We all feel generous, caring, and possibly a little irregular from too many strange and delightful dishes at our Aunt Mildred’s house. And stumbling around CVS trying to find relief for occasional irregularity (okay, mainly to see what insane shit they were peddling this week with #nofuckingmedicine), I saw something that inspired me.

Not in use of the term that I mean when I say to my dog when it’s time to go and I say “please, Buddy, have you found inspiration yet,” but inspired… to start a contest for some holiday cheer!”

You have to make me laugh. Hard. By captioning and preferably photoshopping this:



Make me laugh. Clog my sinuses with diet coke, #sciencebabeshills. Recommended ways to submit? Either here in the comments (but it’s easy to miss comments), via email at if you have an attached image, or the best way? Comment on this link over at the facebook site (and don’t forget to like the page, of course. Because shameless self promotion and, like the condition that this drug will not cure, I’m completely full of shit).

The prize? I make really good fudge. You choose the flavor, but I’ve made everything from raspberry mocha to peppermint to salted caramel pretzel m&m to this really insane gingerbread lime mint… basically if you can dream it, I can make you about six pounds of it. And I’ll send you a picture of me (and/or Buddy the #ScienceDog) autographed. Possibly in time for Christmas. If I’m torn on a top few posts, I’ll post the top 3-5 and put it up to popular vote. Cool? Cool.

You have until December 11th, 2014. Make this so funny it hurts.

-Science Babe

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  1. “Safe and Non Habit Forming Homeopathic Constipation Relief: Shit You Can Believe In!”

    (With apologies, I will stop now!)

  2. Customer: How does this stuff work?

    CVS staff: Beats the shit out of me!

    (btw, that was the name of a fictional product in a short, animated commercial I made in grad school. Also, too. You write funny – makes me laugh!!)

  3. Do not take this non-medication by mouth. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage. Discontinue use if an erection lasting more than 4 hours occurs.

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