The Miseducation of the Food Babe

Happy Monday, #sciencebabeshills! It’s been quite the weekend. I started talking to my first potential advertiser (I’m becoming a shill for big orgasm, more on that at a future blog post, but let me quickly chime in, have you ever given your man a prostate orgasm?) had a nice long meeting with my literary agent (our little page is almost grown up), was called a hate group by the Food Babe…

Wait, what?

We’re going to detour from our ‘rules of bullshit’ Weekly Woo blog journey for a trip down memory lane for a quick visit to the reason why this blog started: the Food Babe’s complete disconnection from reality and inability to take criticism.


Vani, it’s time to set the record straight about the missiles bullshit flying overhead.

In her blog entry, Vani made it look like she was addressing her critics. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Let’s go through point by point, her posts as screencaps:

ghandiComparing yourself to Gandhi to start the blog. Stunningly audacious! What is it with continually declaring that you’re winning? What do you think you’re winning and against whom?

During your Starbucks campaign in which you won absolutely nothing, continual declarations of victory were released. Then again, you have a funny relationship with the definition of victory, given that before the election in November, you said this:

ballotbox Win or lose, we all get ice cream!

The tactic in this blog was to make it sound like this was an attack on poor Vani. We weren’t attacking the science, we were attacking Vani!

Um, have we met?


First, The Good Food Movement? I’ve lost 90lbs and have kept it off without lecturing people about how to control their lives, please spare me the sanctimonious lecture on “good food.”

Next, if she thinks for a second that this is about her personally, she’s been listening to a different conversation. As I showed in my previous blog covering some of her habits, she rarely promotes anything scientifically accurate. I’ve consistently only gone after the inaccurate science from her. There’s been a touch of snark, but that’s my style. I also tell my followers to stay away from personal attacks, but more on that later.

Furthermore, we’ve also seen that it’s definitely not about gender. I’ve gone after several of her male counterparts for their junk science as well.


This is Josh Axe who she’s called her friend on her site. He presents himself as a doctor. He’s a chiropractor. As I’ve told people several times, I’m pretty sure chiropractor is Latin for ‘fake doctor.’ Josh Axe has an oils team.


Real doctors don’t have oils teams.

This is the company that Vani keeps. Scientists who deal with toxins have things like GC/MSs and HPLCs and has a stack of SDSs on their desk and go to training to better analyze chromatography. A scientist does not become qualified by looking up bullshit research on the internet to misuse the word “toxic”. I say this as someone with an actual background in toxicology.

Vani, it’s not because you’re a woman. I’m a woman too, we’re on a level ground. It’s because you peddle complete and utter bullshit. But for the record, only one of us in this conversation has attacked a female public figure for something related to their looks, and it’s not the person who you branded a “hate group.”


This was well before Paula had her scandal, but even if that hadn’t happened? Vani, extend everyone else the same courtesy that you expect. But Paula Dean was an easy target, it’s not like you went after a famous woman for her decisions regarding her sexual organs or cancer or anything, I mean, that would be atrocio-


Oh fuck.

We’ll get more into the harassment issue later. For now, the rest of the article…

expertIt has been well documented that what started Vani down her journey was a case of appendicitis. Was that “too important” to leave up to experts? Did she hand the scalpel to someone who saw it on google a few times because doctors are all corporate shills?

When is a doctor or a scientist okay to trust and when do you call us a corporate sellout? As soon as the fever goes too high, you’ll be glad that we’re a lot more principled than you are and we’ll treat you exactly the same as someone who didn’t call everyone in our profession ‘shills.’ And speaking of shills…


Well, that’s a funny thing to bring up because Vani, like pie for a cooking show, here’s an infographic fresh from the oven of your financial relationships:

10644320_1589999861223125_7327016723908670034_oChildren in glass houses or something.

In the interest of brevity, I’ll let that speak for itself and move on.


Vani, the difference is that you haven’t been saying that smoking causes cancer. You’ve been saying that pumpkin spice lattes are linked to cancer because one ingredient is a group 2b carcinogen (for the record, two ingredients in it are are… the second one? Coffee), and then we see you doing this:

10806437_1581193015434042_4750834610315408342_nAnd peddling this:


I really don’t drink alcohol (diet coke or homemade apple and spinach juice are my drinks of choice- I juice too, really!), but I’m noticing that this comes up on your page frequently. Alcohol is a group 1 carcinogen, WAY worse than group 2b. And to drink enough to get a hangover, you’d have to drink an actual toxic dose.

Unlike, say, the acrylamide or caramel color IV in a pumpkin spice latte.

You are aware that the liver damage from drinking so much “organic” alcohol that you have a hangover is just as bad as liver damage from drinking Budweiser with those fishbladders that you keep whining about, right? Just clearing that up.

What you’ve been doing is the equivalent of screaming at the top of your lungs to warn people of the dangers of splinters but ignoring flying poisonous daggers. Group 2b carcinogens are, as I’ve explained in previous posts, possibly carcinogenic in some quantity. Like, 37,000 cups of coffee. In one day. And even then it’s a maybe. You could literally get an acute overdose from the water in the pumpkin spice lattes before you could die from your alleged toxicingredients.

dosageI’m not sure I want to trust someone who wasn’t aware that getting so drunk that you get a hangover is bad for you to tell me about toxicity. But Vani, are you aware that you can take two tylenol and it will relieve a fever but fifty tylenol will cause liver failure?

Something can be perfectly harmless, even helpful, in one dosage, but lethal in another.

One day, it may sink in that dosage makes the poison. Maybe that takes being, as you disdainfully decried, a credentialed expert.

Like me. So take my advice. The dose makes the poison.

Speaking of that beer:

beerIs it weird? Well a lot of foods sound weird, but then again have you heard of haggis? Is it poisonous? Nope. This isn’t even something you can scream ‘MONSATAN’ about. This has been going on since the 18th century. “It sounds icky” is not justification to not do something. I really didn’t want to reach into my sink to de-clog it last night because it was icky, but I got over that too. Life can’t stop because something made you say “ew.” Speaking of…


We’re basing this whole thing on “can a third grader pronounce it?” An eight year old. Huh.

You know the show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?




Pretend you’re with me right now. I’m pausing for effect…. aaaaaaad button.

Yeah. We’re going to let the pronounciation skills of people who are two years younger than fifth graders set food policy. Because that is not clever or great advice.

eatingdisorderFirst, I have not said that Vani is anorexic or bulimic. But please examine my analysis of her Six Unconventional Habits along with links to other sites calling orthorexia the Food Babe Disorder. She doesn’t allow herself to eat for twelve hours per day, many of her posts involve cleanses and detoxing, and her obsession (and when you have birthed an entire industry from it, it’s an obsession) is a step past normal. A few sites have taken a more serious look at it. This much focus on guilt associated with eating and pre-burning calories is not indicative of someone with a healthy relationship with food.

Does she have an eating disorder? I don’t know. I’m not qualified to make that assessment and I don’t know how many calories she takes in. I feel it’s inappropriate for me to make that accusation. But as I said in my previous blog post, her habits that she’s admitted that are geared towards maintaining a low body weight are not based in sound nutrition science. Please, if you are reading this, and you follow the food babe’s advice, I suggest that you instead seek the advice of a registered dietician.


Look back at pictures from when she first started Food Babe from 2011. She was going on a very nice vacation thee times per year. Hmmm… (side note, for me being a “paid shill,” I’m still paying off a 2009 Toyota Corolla with over 200k miles).

And for that matter, “no safety net?”finleyThat’s Mr. Food Babe. Yes, banking VPs are known for two things in general; one is marrying beautiful women (you’re welcome). The other is a financial safety net.

It is impossible to feel in any way like this is the story of someone who struggled when she is buying $6.99 bullshit sugar water, all organic everything and there are pictures of her on amazing tropical vacations three times per year, minimum, from before Food Babe took off.

For the record, I do not begrudge her the financial success of her husband. I do want her to be realistic about this; the average person who goes into business for herself does not do it with a banking VP husband.


Well sometimes she makes it easy for me by ranting about some shit that I’ve already debunked. Thanks, Vani!


Fine, I won’t call you anti-vax. I’ll call you pro-death-by-just-the-flu.

Your reasons for being anti-flu shot are the same reasons that anti-vaxxers are against the entire range of vaccines. People die from the flu, and getting the flu vaccine helps herd immunity. There are people, friends of mine, with compromised immune systems from things like organ transplants and various types of immune disease. Your suggestion of “take vitamin D and just get the flu” doesn’t cover it. Please, for them, help with herd immunity. I understand that I’m just about the snarkiest person on the planet, but I can’t be any more sincere in what I’m saying to you right now.

One of my followers has a husband going through treatment for cancer. Nobody is allowed in the house without a flu shot. Another follower is going through chemo (and he only has a 6% chance of making it five years, he’s to the three year mark and he’s running a marathon to raise money for kids with cancer- Kenny’s a badass). Just getting the flu for one of them can be such a huge set back.

Do your part and help out with this one. I’m asking you Yvette to Vani.

Wrapping up a few points, I’m going to touch on the subject Vani mentioned of her deleted blog posts. She groused that she’d been criticized for not using a microwave, trying to debunk that “I believe water can turn into Satan or Hitler crystals when they are microwaved.” Vani, you stated that you took the piece down because it wasn’t your best work, but let’s be honest, it’s because you were getting such a strong negative response to it for the complete… bullshit. In the article this weekend, it was intimated that you still stand by all your previously stated beliefs. A microwave is still way, way not a small nuclear bomb, and your beliefs are still not scientific. From the original article:

Dr. Masaru Emoto, who is famous for taking pictures of various types of waters and the crystals that they formed in the book called “Hidden Messages in Water,” found water that was microwaved did not form beautiful crystals – but instead formed crystals similar to those formed when exposed to negative thoughts or beliefs. If this is happening to just water – I can only imagine what a microwave is doing to the nutrients, energy of our food and to our bodies when we consume microwaved food. For the experiment pictured above, microwaved water produced a similar physical structure to when the words “satan” and “hitler” were repeatedly exposed to the water.

The internet never forgets, Vani. Just like it’s still enjoying your article about airplanes that you yanked without a word. I almost felt bad for the internet lashing you took for that.


But you said this:

The air you are breathing on an airplane is recycled from directly outside of your window. That means you are breathing everything that the airplanes gives off and is flying through. The air that is pumped in isn’t pure oxygen either, it’s mixed with nitrogen, sometimes almost at 50%.

The internet never forgets, and it’s still disagreeing with you over this:


First, claiming that you have the same policy as the New York Times? Oh dear. I don’t think she realize the New York Times allows questions.

It’s an unfortunate reality that, no matter what, you’ll be harassed if you’re a public figure online. The type of harassment will probably be a little different if you’re a woman. These are some comments that she reported receiving:



None of these comments came from posters on Science Babe. In fact, when her blog entry came out yesterday, I immediately addressed this section of her blog entry. Comments like these are immediately deleted from Science Babe, and posters are banned without warning. I do not tolerate any posts that I wouldn’t want to see about myself. That has not been and will not ever be debatable.

Vani, as a person, I’m sorry that people say things like this. Nobody deserves to read things like this about themselves. The longer I’m in business, the worse it gets and it gives me a stomach ache every time. It’s not my policy to allow it to happen, and I know the moderators on Chow Babe, Food Hunk, Kavin Senapathy and several other pages that I’m friends with have the exact same zero tolerance policy.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the people who follow us. One of your biggest fans paid me a visit yesterday. In the thread where I told people that I had a zero tolerance policy for attacking you, he had the following things to say:


This was because he was against the alleged “toxins” that you posted about in Lucky Charms. Furthermore, in response to telling him that (1) the page had made national media for a few of the campaigns I had been on and (2) toxicity was dose dependent and that even water can kill you because I’m, again, a real scientist…



Oh, so telling me to poison myself and using a slur that I ban people for. Classy. A follower found this from him:


Vani, these are your followers. Do I get to brand you a hate group now because they joke about attacking women?

But as for your allegation that you “only” ban people who are “insulting, harassing, or cyberbullying?”


There is a group on facebook called Banned By Foodbabe. There are over 4,000 members. A lot of them are members on my page as well. Most of them were banned for just asking questions. Tonight I started a thread asking why people were banned. Here were the responses:


There were over a hundred responses, but I think this was my favorite:


I’m up front with my followers about how I conduct my page. So while you’re making these borderline libelous allegations that I’m a paid shill for Monsanto (for which I do recommend you publicly recant sooner than later as I have zero financial ties with Monsanto), I’m telling them to only talk about your complete lack of comprehension of science.

And Vani, there’s a lot to talk about.

Last, here was one of the allegations from your biggest fan:


Vani, it appears that your followers need help with more than just science.

From poking around your facebook page, it looks like I have the same number of followers in 3 months that you acquired in about two years. I still have a lot of work to do, but my message is resonating. Maybe it’s the cute puppy. But I think my two rules help:

1. Don’t be a dick.

2. Citation or get the fuck out.

I never post anything that can’t be backed up without reputable peer review, and I don’t let anyone stay on the site who’s acting like a dick. Disagree on the science all day, but you can’t be mean.

I don’t even know if you have forum rules. But we know you don’t cite anything, that’s long established. And given that somebody reported that this was on your wall:

1384327_879813238717835_1649594305169590164_nWe ban the people who say these things about you, Vani. Maybe it’s time to have a talk with those admins about who to ban because harassing and cyberbullying count when it happens to more than just their boss. I’m going to fight this battle hard, but I’m not going to stoop to that level, and I think I’ve made that clear.

But then again, I like to think the proof of how different we are is in this meme from the one time we were in the same building:


I really did adopt the puppy. His name is Buddy.

Who knows. Maybe I do have it all wrong. The hangover is just fine if it’s organic alcohol, four-thousand people are lying about being banned from your site, and maybe I shouldn’t eat cyanocobalamin.

That’s quite the missile bullshit to ignore flying overhead.


-Science Babe


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Yvette d'Entremont, aka SciBabe, is a chemist and writer living in Los Angeles with her husband and their four pets. She bakes a mean gluten free chocolate chip cookie and likes glitter more than is considered healthy for a woman past the age of seven.


    • Bravo! Great article tearing apart Vani’s bullshit psuedoscience. This is why you are one of my favorite people on the internet.

  1. To nitpcik, because that’s what I do, Paula Deen helped make famous the Krispy Kreme sandwich on her show. I have no clue if Foodbabe knew this when she posted it or not, but it’s not really a slam on Paula to actual fans of Paula that know her show. Probably not the best example to cite for this piece.

    • I’m using it. Given her apparent hatred for fat people and the way she allows her admins to leave really awful messages up about fat people, this does seem to be in line with her general attitude of “fat people deserve ridicule.”

      For the record, I’m 5’9” and wear a size 8 (generally a small top and a medium bottom). I’ve lost 90lbs and kept it off for years with common sense and science based approach (less calories, more moving), her advice is… hocus pocus, at best, and though I hesitate to use this term, fat shaming, at worst.

  2. Wait, we’re called “Balled by Food Babe” now? I have mixed feelings about this 🙂

    Great article – thanks for taking the time to put this up.

  3. great piece SB. Even more that you didn’t let her hang nitwits around your neck.

    Unlike FB, you’re growing and it’s BECAUSE you don’t allow this crap either pro or against you. It’s even better you can sympathize with her personally and still find her business practices despicable.

    Carry on young woman 🙂

  4. I’m also slow clapping while standing. It’s the lack of self-awareness and intellectual integrity that just eats me up (not the delicious Starbucks drink I savored yesterday). As for her relationship with food, I agree we can’t claim she has an eating disorder, but we can absolutely announce she practices disordered eating.

  5. Thanks for the plug for Registered Dietitians as the experts. I’m still looking for my check from the big food companies… It’s true, our professional organization does get funding from big food companies (sponsorship for our professional meeting, ads in the JAND, etc) but not all RDs are AND members (not required) and we have scientific training that allows one to discern fact from fiction. I suspect I’m banned by her, haven’t checked but I have had several lively in person debates the last few days over woo and pseudoscience.

    • I always say not to give advice above your paygrade. When someone asks me for medical advice, I refuse to give it. Sometimes people ask me which medication to give their infant. I refuse to tell them. I don’t want to get sued. It amazes me that people will give medical advice on the internet like this.

      • I’ve know people who are registered dieticians who are fans of her and post her BS on their page. One of them did it recently with the ridiculous toxic wheat post from the misinformed economist that Vani reposted. I posted 3 long comments full of citations, studies, and articles by scientists and science communicators debunking it as well as debunking the whole food babe scam. She never responded and left it up. There are doctors I’ve run into in the past who also give out similar advice as her, one of which diagnosed me with chronic Lyme, which I’ve now come to realize doesn’t exist. Sadly, just seeing someone with credentials isn’t good enough these days. Just because they’ve had an education doesn’t necessarily mean it was a good one, or it doesn’t mean that they actually learned much, and it certainly doesn’t mean they are science-literate critical thinkers.

  6. “Balled by Food Babe” — coffee may or may not have come out of my nose (OHNOEZ 2B carcinogen–when do I develop teh cancer-autismz?!)!

    I don’t really have anything else to contribute, except to continue the slow-clap started above.

  7. Good response. My only real quibble: I think you misread her statement about her “[leaving] a secure career”. She’s not the most lucid writer, as we know, but I assume she meant that she had “no guarantee or safety net that this new career as a full-time food activist would ever support me”, not that her previous career had “no guarantee or safety net”. It was written badly enough to be easily misinterpreted.

    Love your work. And fuck the bluenoses – keep snarkin’ and swearin’.

  8. I actually have screen caps of a time where someone new in Banned by food babe said something inappropriate and we called him out on it. When he responded in a negative fashion, his comments were deleted. That’s how we roll. I’m a big fat feminist and I will call out misogynistic bullshit is all damn day and I think it sucks that women have to deal with a lot of vitriol on the internet. However, that’s a separate issue and doesn’t grant you a free pass to disseminate pseudoscience without consequence.

  9. Took a few breaks in my day to get through this piece, but I think I love you. As a nurse practitioner and someone that is open to anything that has science to back it up this is wonderful. I’m tired of hearing people claim “it true because I saw it on (insert name here) website/blog,” but those sites never have links or sources so I spend time to gather sources to inform them with science not opinion. Thank you.

  10. “We’re going to let the pronunciation skills of people who are two years younger than fifth graders set food policy.”

    Epic, absolutely epic. You just won the internet.

  11. I’m not sure if I am to be honored for being your favorite banning story?? I’m going to pretend that there’s a prize and an awards banquet and that we’re totally going to go in our fancy dresses to Mel’s afterwards for milkshakes and fries.

    (I also acknowledged when I shared the screencap with you, and it still bugs me, that the last sentence in the first paragraph should have read “…yet she avoids *questions* like she avoids GMOs.” I left out the word ‘questions’ in that sentence.)

    Though my career eventually took a completely divergent path and I now work in the film business, I have a degree in microbiology and I have worked both in laboratory research (otolaryngology) and as a medical research librarian (the world’s loudest librarian).

    I, like you Yvette and so many others, look at her ‘research’ and it makes me want to put my head in the dishwasher. “I’ve done my research.” “Do your research.” “After hours of research…” GAH! It’s a joke, right? *Hours* of research? Try years of education followed by many more years of research. In an equipped laboratory. With fellow researchers who also have years of education. The correct education. These desk researchers do not possess the education, experience, knowledge, or training to understand what it is they are looking at. They call it research when all it is they are doing is selective reading.

    When I posted what I did, as seen above, I knew that any challenge to her ‘science’ would be pointless. Not because she has a proven track record of ignoring, deleting, and banning those who do, but because if she doesn’t understand the science, how could she understand a challenge to it? Further, WHY would she want to understand any challenge or correction? It’s obvious that she knows what a consultant is and she has access to any number of them. Vani Hari’s reach is broad and she could do some real good if she was willing and interested in learning from those willing to teach. That’s the beauty of scientists – they/we all love to teach. She could surround herself with people who could make her look so much brighter and better informed and better equipped to do what she is so very passionate about doing but she has decided that it’s not needed. If she thinks she can change the world, fine. If she thinks she can change science, she will fail. Ignorance is understandable and forgivable. Willful ignorance is reprehensible.

    So. Any challenge to her ‘science’ or her ‘facts’ would be a massive waste of time. My goal was to try on what it was like to be her. Transparency is probably her favorite word when going after corporations. Accountability is up there as well. She demands that they disclose everything about how they do what they do and why they do it because YOU, the consumer, has a right to know. You spend your money there and they greedily take it from you and hand you something in return without fully disclosing to you everything she says they have to disclose. They keep you in the dark! They keep you ignorant!

    Transparency, honesty, truth, and accountability are the demands she makes of every single corporation she goes after. It isn’t, however, something she is willing to practice herself. Food Babe, LLC is registered in Delaware as a software publishing company. She has been asked many times by many well respected journalists about the corporate side of her affairs and every time that transparency demand screeches to a halt at her feet.

    She sends her ‘army’ out to do her dirty work for her, they come back and she sells them any number of items – none of which happen to be software she’s published – she praises them for a job well done and then jets off to vacation upon the backs of her faithful. Even if her science was sound, that’s disgusting.

    (apologies for my mini-blog here)

    • You’re really awesome. I don’t have shillbucks to offer, but I will raise a toast of my best bourbon and drink to your awesomeness. 😀

      • Oh, you… Pish.

        Yeah. I am pretty nifty, huh?

        I need no shillbucks as I have a deep and abiding love of the truth and will spread it for nothing in return. If, however, you wish to raise a glass, I shall raise one with you and to you I say: À Vôtre Santé!

  12. Bravo! Please keep pointing out this dishonest woman’s horrific misrepresentations of science. All I could think when reading her angst over criticism of her work is that bloggers such as you are finally getting to her.

  13. Yvette, this is fantastic. I despair every day at the utter crap that gets posted day after day and your posts give me hope for humanity.

    Keep up the fight, I’m thrilled your page is growing at the rate it is.

  14. “you don’t need be a scientist to know that smoking causes cancer.”

    Well actually Vani, we only know that because at some point a scientist figured it out for us !!!

    Yvette, not sure if you have any options with your advertising, but the banner ad at the bottom of this page took me to “Glamour Organic” probably all the mentions of Food Babe (the second ad was travel insurance). You’re shilling for woo! 😉

  15. I’m pretty sure my wife’s 3rd graders can’t pronounce colostral proline-rich polypeptides. I guess we better stop giving our kids breast milk now.

  16. Yvette, I would like to take this time to personally thank you for what you do. You took a lot of time out of your life to start a website, gain a follower base (Vani doesn’t exactly make it hard to find you, does she?), and then write these excellent articles. You are genuinely educating people and I’ve never seen you resort to any ad-hominem. I’ve dished my fair share of ad-hominem towards Vani, more so than I’d like to admit. However, you’ve inspired me to devote that wasted time typing insults to thoroughly arguing the points she makes and attempting to help some of her followers see the true Vani way.

    You’re a devoted and very inspiring, kind, and gentle but hilarious woman, as well as cheeky as shit, and I love it. I think that your devotion to science is what will ultimately bring Vani down.

    I wonder where Science Babe will be in a year? Five years? Who knows. Hopefully spreading little nuggets of science throughout the internet.

    • This has all been very overwhelming and wonderful, every day the page takes on new life with more followers and new challenges, and I’m just doing what I can to handle it with a wink and a smile… and good science.

      In a year, hopefully finishing up a book that I’m working on with my literary agent. In five? Doing something very meaningful with this. And thank you for your very kind words. Love my #sciencebabeshills 🙂

  17. I love your page and I did love the blog. I try to follow and read so much I sometimes wonder why my head doesn’t explode, but I always enjoy reading your blog, because between the fun and the science you (to me at least) keep the golden middle. As soon as my son learns to read (and learns English after that) I’ll allow him to read your blog and facebook, for proper science and such. Considering he already shows signs of having my sense of humor and mischief, that should all be good.

    Oh and banning your family? Really? That’s a bit low innit?

  18. So, I brush my teeth everyday. Twice even!
    And I floss. And I saw a bunch of film strips on dental health when I was in gradeschool.
    Plus, I HAVE TEETH. And I buy teeth-related products, like all the time. And I have an opinion about them.
    I also floss. Like, a lot.
    To top it off, I’m fairly literate — insofar as I can read English, mostly.

    You know what?

    I’m going to be a TEETH ACTIVIST.
    I really, really care about the health of your teeth. Really, I do.
    Which is why it is my passion to get the truth about teeth out there to everyone! Everyone DESERVES to have this information that has been suppressed by big companies!

    Of course, I still need to get paid.
    My altruism has a price.

    I’m going to start a business where I give out dental information, advice, and teach people how to get THE BEST TEETH THEY CAN by using products from companies who sponsor my website and blog!
    And I’ll do speaking engagements! For an exorbitant fee, of course.
    My message is about teeth love, but you can’t expect me to GIVE it away, can you??

    Don’t ask me any questions though, unless you’ve already purchased my book, are a member of my blog community, and/or implicitly believe in my Way of The Tooth. Because you’re just a shill for the big toothpaste companies — even registered dentists are! You can’t trust THEM! — and you’re just trying to fling mud and spread hate, so I won’t answer you.

    It’s a free country! I can do those things if I want to, there’s no rules against it! People are free to become educated, and everyone knows that Health Canada,, and the Canadian Dental Association are all just trying to steal money away from me, the all-natural, defenseless TEETH ACTIVIST. They’re in the pockets of Colgate, Crest, name it.

    This is my spiritual path in life, and I can’t wait to share my story about how I overcame big pharma to improve my teeth the safe way! (you’ll have to subscribe to my podcast though, for the BEST information!)
    Can’t wait to have you join me!
    #teethbabearmy #nothingbutthetooth #naturalteeth

    In case the sarcasm font isn’t showing up, that was satire. 🙂

  19. Hi SciBabe,

    Good article. I have never had the flu shot cuz’ they are of dubious value to me; I tend not to get sick and if they guess the strains wrong, it is largely ineffective. But I do have a responsibility to others so I will get a flu shot next year.


  20. You have restored my faith that there are still people out there like me. That enjoy mocking people like them.

    However I will have to call the authorities on you as I just witnessed a murder.

    Great work.

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