I missed you too.

Hi #ScibabeShills! It’s been a while since I posted, so… here I am. 

I wrote this little article over at Gawker that kinda blew up my life for a month. Things that happen when your life goes viral…

– You get 300 emails per day.

– You only get to answer press inquiries and, even then, you accidentally miss a few of them (and people who you don’t respond to accuse you of being a fraud because how dare you… sleep).

– Your website crashes for two days from all of the traffic.

– About a dozen production companies and lit agents (each) email you.

– You land on the cover of the LA Times.

This, of course, happened when my Mom had a vacation scheduled to visit from the east coast. So my Mom’s vacation was spent watching me intermittently recording a TV show, frantically answering emails, and once being so tired that I fell asleep on the living room floor. 

 The good news? Other than making the Food Babe question her life decisions, it’s landed me a book deal and a few other really neat media things are in the works. I’m now able to make a living a doing this full time as a writer and speaker. So this blog is going to keep working for occasional posts. Brain droppings and things that don’t fit other media outlets, if you will. If I pitch a piece to one of the sites I’m writing for and it doesn’t quite fit, I’ll land it here. Or if I just have a rant or a personal story, here it will go. 

The really good thing about this is that a good editor, like I have at Gawker, makes my work better. I love working with Leah, my fabulous editor at Gawker.  I’m turning into a better writer thanks to her. I’m also enjoying this era of watching my pro-science friends, James Fell and Kavin Senapathy, write on Gawker. It’s a good alliance for all of us; pop culture meets ACCURATE pop science. It seemed like a strange fit a first glance, but it’s wonderful, seamless. Our editor is great and they have a viewership that’s dying for infotainment. Let’s welcome as many people as we can into science and skepticism.

And for this afternoon, I’m going to step away from the computer. The ‘babe’ part of SciBabe needs to head to the salon. I had a busy month, I’m moving from Anaheim to LA next week (so it’s going to go from ‘busy’ to ‘insane’), and I would like a pedicure.


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  1. I nearly died of irony poisoning.
    Right below this post was an Amazon ad, and the top featured suggested read was… The Food Babe book.

    Unintentionally hilarious.

    Have a detoxic day 🙂

  2. Fantastic. We need more strong rational voices to fight anti-science misinformation and fear-mongering.

  3. Thank you for taking the time and celebrity you have to address these issues. I spent my life in health care (evidence based practice). I started as a combat medic in Vietnam and retired as a Director of Emergency and Critical Care. I have been all over the world and seen mothers who could not choose to have vaccines for their children, they could only ease the last minutes of their children’s lives. I have treated people with celiac disease. It is sometimes life threatening. I have friends who claim they are allergic to gluten, It is not the same.I believe that this quackery has to be debunked It is a threat to public health.

  4. For those of us who only stumbled upon your wicked coolz website as a result of the gawker article, can you let us know what other media outlets will be publishing your thoughts?

  5. People like Vani Hari and her naturalistic ilk drive me nuts. I think they are willfully ignorant of reality because they’re in a position where critical thinking will cause career damage. Many of my friends buy into buy into this bullsh-bolloc-bothersome nonsense. It is painful to bite my tongue often and nudge where I can. I love reading an intelligent dissection especially when it is an evisceration. To quote the band Morphine “your intelligence is sexy”.

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