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  1. Thanks for this, it is hard as a parent when your child is coughing you are desperate for something to help, but I’d never considered the wider ramifications of choosing these placebos dressed as medicine.

  2. Nice article. I agree…unfortunately some in my profession (Pharmacy) have taken to selling snake oils such as dilute honey rather than serving their patients and the public….all for a few dollars of profit.

    One additional comment….raw honey can be dangerous to children less than 12 months – just a clarifying statement as you only recommended it for those >12months.

  3. Another drawback to giving sugar (in any of the various forms discussed) to children who are already sick is that it fosters thrush, a yeast infection typically resulting in white lesions on the tongue and throat. Babies are especially susceptible to thrush infection, which can cause irritation–and sometimes bleeding–for several weeks at a time. Ironically, the worst time to give a child the sugar is at bedtime (or naptime)–which, of course, is when a parent would be most likely to try to calm their child’s cough–because the sugar just sits in the throat, feeding the thrush.

  4. Thank you for more reassurance. I am a wait and see type when it comes to coughs and colds. All 3 of the Dr.s I’ve had since the birth of my 1st child have also been of that thinking. Although one of my daughters seems to develop breathing difficulties during a coughing episode it usually only happens once a year. We have a nebulizer on hand for such emergencies and one treatment is usually all that is needed. Medicines are used sparingly as needed. I believe my kids to be healthier for it.

  5. Considering my son went undiagnosed with asthma for 3 years before he ended up hospitalized (I was the mom who complained of coughs that lasted more than normal), the placebo treatment is an insult to parents. Yes, some parents are worry warts who bring in their kid for every sniffle and cough and want ‘treatment,’ but most of us know when something doesn’t seem right and would like to be treated with respect and actual medicine.

    Had a second cough experience…my daughter. Coughed incessantly all day long for weeks. Eventually ended up at an allergist and did x-rays and expensive tests. He actually said to me that he thought it was psychological. She was 7 or 8 at the time. I ignored this ‘advice’ and took her to an ENT who immediately diagnosed her cough as related to our wood stove in the house. After that, she was JUST FINE.

    Anyway, just my unloading on doctors who think they know everything.

  6. What’s this URI business. URTI for the rest of us.

    Coughs alone are not the symptoms that many parents look to treat. Rhinorrhoea and post nasal drip and subsequent productive cough are worrisome for parents.

    If canning cough suppressants like codeine or dextromethorphan, educate readers, just don’t blurt out they are dangerous, which in itself is a bit silly. All drugs are dangerous if used incorrectly.

    Children with URTIs are not isolationist symptoms; parents, unlike many professionals want the whole child to feel better, not just stop a cough.

    Its an uphill battle to educate parents about mangement of respiratory infections. We as health professionals need to so so in a way that empowers parents.

  7. OMG I am TOTALLY going to give the next person in my family to have a cough (whether child or partner) a “dose” of water with a squeeze of lemon juice or something, tell them that it will help with the cough, and see what happens!! … And then I’ll wonder about the extent to which my belief that they will experience a placebo effect has influenced my own perception of any improvement in their condition (if I think I see one). 😉 BTW, the fact that I can expect my kids to be sick once a month all through winter is both reassuring (they’re normal) and depressing (SO sick of snot).

  8. “Not surprisingly, parents of children who were given either placebo or agave nectar reported a significant improvement in the child’s symptoms and in the child’s and parents’ quality of sleep. Well, no duh.”

    That sounds about right, the parents are able to relax and sleep because they believe they have done everything possible to help their child and the child does better because the relaxed parents help break the feedback circle of –>parents worrying about baby –> baby picking up on the worry and reacting negatively –> parents see baby doing worse and worry more.

  9. I think as long as parents are educated as to signs of Tru respiratory distress, then t of t is a good thing. My kids are fans of a spoon of honey, even more so after the study came out, because they are good little science nerds. Both are asthmatic though, and I did get rather irritated with our hmo’s screening for an appointment process when they clearly needed to be seen. Nice post!

  10. Maybe some sort of educational licensing for parenthood would improve the lives of children all around.

    Just a thought. I know the political drawbacks are severe, but still. Getting pregnant is an animal instinct, not a qualifying event for being a good parent. There ought to be some actual training required.

  11. I actually use Vicks vaporub for years if I had a stuffy noseor before bed as sometimes my nose gets stuffy even if I’m not sick. So for me it’s not placebo effect as it does actually clears my nose to breath. But I think that’s from the menthol more then anything else, like walking into a room in which a strong odor is like horseradish

  12. My baby had a terrible cough that turned out to be asthma that went undiagnosed for several months, causing repeated illnesses, sleep problems, and (temporary) developmental delays. It was absolutely dreadful and I wish I had made MORE of a big deal about it to the doctor.

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