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SciBabe is run with love by Yvette d’Entremont while she patiently awaits her admission to Starfleet. The site was launched in August of 2014 and Yvette was surprised and happy with its success. The formula of busting commonly accepted pseudoscience with a combination of accessibly written, accurate science (and a side of dirty jokes) has made SciBabe a reliable and entertaining source of information in a world wrought with fake news. After her first piece of professional writing, The Food Babe Blogger Is Full of Shit, went massively viral in April 2015, SciBabe became a full time job. Yvette has been speaking, writing, and occasionally making goofy videos to help inform audiences about what science is and what it isn’t with her trademark brand of goofball humor ever since.

Yvette holds a B.A. in theatre, a B.S. in chemistry (Emmanuel College in Boston), and a masters degree in forensic science with a concentration in biological criminalistics (Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England). She worked for eight years as an analytical chemist and her favorite laboratory instrument is the GC 7890A. She currently runs SciBabe full time and resides in Northern California with her husband, Derek, and their pack of animals. Views expressed on this site are her own.

SciBabe is not to be confused with Science Babe, the lovely, talented, and brilliant physicist named Deborah Berebichez (though they would make a great science-comedy duo together one day). If you are looking for her, please click here (and you should, she’s fabulous). 

Also, as these have been requested in various corners of the internet, I have a couple of diplomas. 

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