Food Babe’s “Healthier” Treat Tops 1,500 Calories

March 17, 2016 SciBabe 33

At the very least, you are looking at 1,015 calories, something outstrips the large Shamrock Shake by nearly 300 calories. At the most, the Food Babe’s concoction tops out at about 1,500 calories. And all of the ingredients, of course, can be purchased through her Amazon Affiliate links.

Go buy a damned Shamrock Shake.

The Day Alternative Medicine Dies

March 16, 2016 SciBabe 16

Doctors are great, but they’re also fallible. They’re only as good as the answers available to them. What happens when, one day, all the answers are readily available?

The Top Five Dangerously Misinformed Mommy Bloggers

January 24, 2016 SciBabe 65

What’s the reputability of the information on a blog? Whose advice should you be staking your child’s health on? Someone whose only vetted qualification, as far as you know, is that they bought a website and they—probably—have a baby?