I have given paid talks to the following organizations:

University of Massachusetts Boston

MacEwan University

UC Davis

Canadian Canola Council

Soybean Leadership College

Valencia Community College

Chemical Council of New Jersey

Pastahcon (PA Atheists Conference)

Refrigerated Foods Association

SkeptiCal LA

American Farm Bureau

Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Meeting

American Atheists Convention

Florida Dairy Farmers

Crop Life USA

SkeptiCal Berkeley

Southwest Meat Association

Minn-Dak Cooperative

CounterMeasure IT Security Conference

CA Beet Growers

Atlantic Farm Women

San Jose Atheists


In addition to these, I schedule some work on a volunteer basis. This has included international events to promote science (Australia’s National Science Week), national conferences (Reason Rally and NECSS), and speaking with local skeptic groups. I also volunteer annually to judge a local elementary school science fair.

I have previously held jobs in B2B sales, as an adjunct professor of chemistry, and in industry and research labs as a chemist. I have had no ties, financial or otherwise, to any of my previous employers since my employments ended (the most recent of these ended in 2014, overlapping with my blog by less than four months).

I now work as a contributing writer at The Outline and a columnist for SELF. I have also contributed work for Cosmopolitan, Gawker, Genius, DeadState, and Slate. I previously worked as a consultant to Flavor Producers and currently work with Splenda.

Via and my associated social media accounts, the income from my work as a writer and speaker is augmented with advertising, sharing affiliate links, and Amazon Affiliate purchases.

If you have any questions about potential conflicts of interest or the content of any of my talks, I encourage you to look at the videos of my public talks on my media page or to email me. I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

-Yvette, aka SciBabe

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