Yvette would be delighted to be speak at your engagement. An original talk can be created for your event. Prepared talks include:150328_Yvette_Dentremont_DSC_4863-2

How To Live More Facty Life

Lights! Camera! Quantum! Why Movie Science Is Terrible (but that’s okay!)

The Fake News Survival Guide

Everything Is Killing You: A Marketing Guide To Bad Science

The Business of Being a Guru

SciBabe’s Guide to BS Detection

Communicating Food Science In The Social Media Age

Ten Arguments Against GMOs (and why they’re BS)

Advancing Science Communication With Dick Jokes

Mistakes Skeptics Make (and how to avoid them)


 Additionally, Yvette and her podcast partner Alice are available for joint engagements. To inquire for speaking engagements, please contact Robert Flutie at 310-247-1100 or


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