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Talks, TV appearances, and vlog guest appearances.

BS Detection and The Fall of Food Babe

The SciBabe interview with The Thinking Atheist

When Good Science Sounds Bad -The Agenda

Yvette d’Entremont on Anti-Vaxxers -The Agenda

Avoiding Food Myths and Bad Science -The Agenda

Ten Questions on Food Labeling  -The Agenda

The Things That Unite Us– Reason Rally 2016

ZDoggMD’s Vlogcast

Joe Rogan Experience #984- Yvette d’Entremont

Dumb Food Myths Debunked by This Scientist -Chatelaine

Should Vaccines Be Mandatory? -The Freedom Report

SciBabe’s Fake News Survival Guide– hosted by Atheist Community of San Jose 

The Business of Being a Guru -American Atheists National Convention 2017

How to Live a Factier Life – American Atheists National Convention 2018

Everything is Killing you: A Marketing Guide to Bad Science – SkeptiCal Berkeley 2018

SciBabe Runs a Skeptical Eye Over Alternative Medicine -Australia National Science Week

People Need To Hear from Farmers -Real Agriculture 

The Food Babe vs The SciBabe -Man vs Princess

SciBabe Brings Scientific Snark to Pseudoscientific Shills -The Freedom Report

GMOs and Vaccines w/the Skeptical Libertarian and SciBabe -Bourbon and Bitches

Read Between The Headlines Webinar -Today’s Dietitian, sponsored by Splenda

Communicating About Food Myths in the Social Media Age– Animal Agricultural Alliance 

Food Glorious Food -Trolling With Logic

SciBabe on global warming, evolution, vaccines and more – Beer & Bastards

National Science Week Promo with Dr. Siouxsie Wiles and Tanya Ha

Audio Podcasts

Never Cry Wolfe -The Thinking Atheist

Health Woo-trition and The Food Babe -The Thinking Atheist

Talk Nerdy With Me -Cara Santa Maria

Listen to Food, Science, and Culture with Anthony Bourdain – Startalk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Vaxxed with God Awful Movies

The Dr. Drew Podcast

Soundbites (1)

Soundbites (2)

BrainFood -The Outline

Doing It For The Science -Mission Log Podcast

On GMOs, Gluten, and Critical Thinking– What She Said Radio

On Her Tour of Monsanto – 770 CHQR

The Truth about Gluten, MSG, Organic, and More… Using Science -Smart People Podcast

How To (Almost) Defame Someone And Get Away With It -Opening Arguments

On Science, Fake News, and Critical Thinking -Next Level Guy Podcast

Godless Rebelution Appearance

The Phil Ferguson Show

Lions of Liberty Podcast

Vulgarity for Charity

Trying to Throw Science At Them– Point of Inquiry (CFI)

Is the Food Babe Really Full of Shit? -Ben Greenfield Podcast

‘Beliefs’ on the Next Level Guy Podcast

Media Coverage

Edgy Blogger Sensation Takes The Labcoat Off Science -LA Times (print cover story)

Meet The Scientist Debunking Every Dumb Food Myth on the Internet -Chatelaine

SciBabe’s Guide to Real Health Advice Online -Flare

Who’s Afraid of David Hogg? – The New Republic

Q&A with SciBabe on GMOs, Swearing, and More– PopSci

How the SciBabe Masters her Mondays – Kitchn

The SciBabe Strikes Hard at the Natural Food Movement -ACSH

An Inside Look at the Woman Who Took Down Nutrition Whacko the Food Babe -AskMen

‘SciBabe’ Yvette d’Entremont on Unexpected Allies -CFI

SciBabe Talks Science for Meme Lovers -Food Navigator

SciBabe Set to Become a Star After Online Takedown of Food

SciBabe Ushers Readers into a Brave New World of Food Without Fear -Inquisitr

So What’s the Big Deal with the Sexualization of Selling Science?  -Skeptic Ink

SciBabe Takedown of Food Babe Causes Online Stir

Outstanding Science Advocates: Science Babe(s) -JREF

This Video Says Good Dog Calming Supplement is Nothing But Doggie Booze -Dogster

Blogger SciBabe Debunks Pseudoscience -UMass Media

SciBabe TV:

Organic… cancer? 

You won’t believe what happens when this scientist takes 50 sleeping pills.

Scientist takes “homeopathic” medication… gets drunk? 

SciBabe gets drunk on CVS brand medicine

Why are these asthmatics so @#$% mad?

Oliver the Fetching Cat -This has nothing to do with science. I just have a cat that fetches and… that’s neat.

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